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The view from Jennie Lakes Trail, Sequoia National Forest




Hello, hello, hello! 


Welcome to Deeskie, my teeny-tiny modern creative space dedicated to the weekend warriors searching for their next adventure! We hike. We camp. We make snow angels. We sip whiteclaws and chase waves. We nap in hammocks and stare at the stars. But most importantly we promote LGBTQ+ visibility in outdoor spaces! 


The name Deeskie pays homage to my modest Missouri roots and best friend who provided the nickname during our college years together. [Love you Leah!]  Growing up in the outer suburbs of Kansas City, I always had one foot stuck in the complexities of a bubbling metropolis and the other rooted in the dirt of the outdoors. I buried himself in adventure and could routinely be found exploring a new watering hole or pitching a tent in the Ozarks.


With my insatiable appetite for adventure came an inescapable awareness that the stories I became familiar with were vastly different than mine. I spent much of my adolescence involved with the Boy Scouts of America, reaching the coveted rank of Eagle Scout in 2006, and for decades the Boy Scouts infamously rejected queer people, only allowing queer participants in 2013, queer leaders in 2015, and transgender boys in 2017. Still today queer people remain vastly underrepresented in advertisements, media campaigns, sales catalogs, and magazines for the outdoor rec industry. 


Harvey Milk said, “Once they realize that we are indeed their children, that we are indeed everywhere, every myth, every lie, every innuendo will be destroyed once and for all.” By sharing our LGBTQ+ experiences in the outdoors we can begin to smash those barriers. Deeskie is my answer to the ideals that I would like to see in the world. Deeskie is my story.  


Nowadays, I call San Francisco home with my boyfriend Alex and our dog Apollo. Make no mistake, times are certainly weird and honestly I’m not entirely sure what the future will hold. Whatever it is, I’ll be lucky enough to enjoy it while be surrounded by an extraordinary community of out, loud, and unapologetically authentic human beings. Thank you for being along for this incredible ride and for your continued support. 






PS - You can find Deeskie on Instagram. :) 


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